The Best Chipmunk Fan Site Ever!


Hi! Miggy,here!

 Yeah, yeah. I know what you're thinking : "Another website? Really?"

And my answer would be : "Yes, another website, really."

But, this time, a much cuter website, and I'm confident this website will be a hit. You know how I know?

I will be posting the chipmunk songs I make on here.

I'll try to update as frequently as I can, but don't get all mad if I haven't posted in a couple of weeks (or months, or years, etc.).

So, if you'd please, join immediately be going to the" Members" page and click "join", or "join site" or something.


PS: Anyone still not seen the Squeakquel? GO SEE IT NOW!!!! Before it goes away! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I'm so sad...II have virtually no members.....Be a nice person and join the party, huh? Please?

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